BALL PARADE is an initiative developed by IU ICONOS URBANOS S.A. DE C.V. which aims to promote sports, community interaction and cultural/artistic projects through an exhibition of urban art with giant replicas of soccer balls or other elements found mainly in different sports which are intervened by artists in order to create unique pieces.

These types of projects allow the creation of strategic alliances involving different types of stakeholders that help generate added value and ensure the success of the event. Another important part of the project is the social responsibility impact by donating to non-profit organizations a percentage of the proceeds obtained through an auction taking place after the exhibition.


Host an Event

Host an event in your country!

It´s very easy to host BALL PARADE in your country by acquiring a license for one or more cities.

Being part of this great project you will receive an operations manual and supporting documents containing information that will guide you through every step involved in carrying out this exhibition; as well as ongoing support from our team of experts.

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Ball Parade

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